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In School Programs 
Wulke collaborates with Lois Rho, Early Childhood Curriculum Designer, to create multi sensory opportunities within the learning experience. We create opportunities for fine and gross motor development, eye hand coordination, and confidence building that prepares young students for the challenges of academic learning. The program brings teachers, parents, and children together in the understanding of the power of play for creative and critical thinking and that learning is a life long experience.

Creative Storytelling

Children design their own experiences learning that their environment is not static.

The Children’s Museum Bus 
A mobile play space that gives children opportunities to experience play and problem solving in the round. The bus is designed to offer experiences that use the space as a volume to include puzzles to be solved on the ceiling as well as on the floor and walls. There is water play, climbing, a puppet theater. and parent observation opportunities and more.
Personal Play Scapes 
Wulke has designed play spaces for private clients, which have included basement renovations, children’s room design, family gathering places and more. Many have been published in Architectural magazines and books including Rooms Designed by Architects.

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