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Landscape Portrait a pair of illuminated sculptures
Sea and Sky Landscape
Wulke/Connell Residence, Stony Creek, CT

Sentinel an Illuminated Landscape Sculpture
Marsted Residence, Collinsville, CT

Guardians Landscape Sconces
Lambaris Residence, Pacific Palisades, CT

Film Stars Sconces
Walter Reed Theater, Lincoln Center, NYC, NY
Galactica Sconce
Newman Residence, New York, NY
Chandelier and Sconces
Residence, Malibu, CA
Hell's Fire Chandeliers
Joilet Landbase, Joilet, IL
Star Fire Chandelier
Meyers Residence, Hastings-on-Hudson, Ny
Stalactite Chandelier
Residence, New York, NY
Entry Lantern & Sconces
Malibu Residence
Fly Light Sconce
Residence, Long Island, NY

2001 Joy Wulke