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Alligators and a Catfish 1984 Louisiana World's Fair
New Orleans, LA

A collaboration with Charles Moore, FAIA for The Wonderwall, the main pedestrian link at the New Orleans World’s Fair.  The Wonderwall had a celestial, terrestrial, and subterranean theme.  Wulke was asked to design and make alligator figures as seating units for the subterranean section.  Alligators live in the Mississippi River not far from the Fair site and the City of New Orleans is subterranean and exists thanks to the levy bags that hold back the River waters.  The alligators were designed to be made of 40 specially sized levy bags filled with concrete and covered in STO, a plastic stucco coating.  Each of the four alligators had an individual personality with reflective eyes.  The final figure was a catfish, also a familiar native to New Orleans.  All who came upon the alligators and catfish were delighted and enjoyed their landscaped bodies for climbing, playing and seating.







 © 2001 Joy Wulke