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Trainscape: Installation Art for Model Railroads
September 1, 2007-January 13, 2008

DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park

Lincoln, MA

A fully operational 0-scale 91/48) model railroad traverses and connected one dozen works of installation art and is a celebration of unbridled creativity, not an attempt to represent reality at a miniature scale as in traditional model railroading. Tiny objects and images demand close examination, so that they fill one's optical field in much the same way as very large visual phenomena. This close looking at small things allows for deep mental immersion as well.

"Wulke's artistic practice has involved sculpture, installation art, public art, and highly theatrical performance pieces that often include elements of dance and music. Wulke exploits glass for its full range of meanings and associations. These include, but are by no means limited to, physical and spiritual illumination, a permeable boundary, the metaphysics of the mirror, strength and fragility, and order versus chaos. The motion of the train along with its multiple images in the surrounding glass surfaced further activated the overall perceptual complexity it seems at one Here, There, and Everywhere, the title of the piece." Nick Capasso - Curator

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2001 Joy Wulke