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Guilford Arts Center
Guilford, CT
April-May 2009


"These works invited the viewer to experience the soothing tranquility of nature with an awe approaching religious reverence. However, in the new environmental reality of the 21st century, artist have had to rethink the conventional definition of the genre. This exhibition examines new artistic avenues into this enduring genre, as a means to explore its richness and complexity….a document of the current ecological crisis and how, as a culture, we are dealing with the decline of our natural environment.

Joy Wulke’s sculptures are inspired by the every-changing natural landscape with concern for its ecological health. In some works she encases natural forms, evoking the increasing delicacy of the world around us and the need for stewardship, so we may continue to enjoy nature’s wonders into the future, not just "under glass'"

Samantha Pinckney, Guest Curator


© 2009 Joy Wulke