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Ghost Herders with Flock

North Carolina State University, Raliegh, NC

North Carolina State University Visual Arts Programs and Freudenberg sponsored an international competition NEWART New Material inviting artists to create works using LUTRADUR a new spunbond material.  Ghost Herders with Flock was the first prize winner.  The work was designed to be installed on the lawn of the Veterinary School.  The nine figures represent six sheep, two sheep herders, and one sheep dog.  The herders are nine feet tall.  All forms are made from steel frames covered with LUTRADUR.  The work illuminates at night and has a narrative story to give direction for moving the forms during a three month period allowing the grass to be maintained.  The story has the flock Gathering, Chasing the Stray, Bunching for Shade, Philosophizing, and Moving to Memory in its last days of installation.


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2001 Joy Wulke