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Wadsworth Athenaeum, Hartford, CT

The installation of platforms, light, water, sand, wall climbing, shade, shadow, and reflection is intended to incorporate many senses. When one visits the exhibition, the senses of sight, sound and touch are enhanced by the awareness of one’s self passing through space and time.  Visitors were encouraged to find a spot that is suitable, and then settle in, wind down, and simply be.  Once one had slowed down to the point of listening to one’s heartbeat, the visitor “tuned in” to the subtle and evocative stimuli provided.  The exhibition offered a setting for a passage into a private moment of tranquility and peace.  The central focus of the exhibition is the light pond.  A series of boxes on electrical timers that ripple the light creating an ambience representative of the dynamics of nature.  

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© 2001 Joy Wulke