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Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, CT

An installation artwork of silk, glass, animal bone, projects, and an eight minute light and soundtrack with poetry from the octogenarian second generation owner of the Two Dot Ranch.  The work is enlivened by a sound and light program in collaboration with Phillip Simon.

  Vernacular architecture is an extension of nature, built from indigenous materials gathered from the site and sympathetically arranged for shelter…place making in nature.  Every building contains traces of the energy, intentions, and memories of those who planned, built, and occupied it.  The resonance of nature and culture and the reliance of one on the other are revealed to me by a one-room school house in Two Dot, Montana.  As I have documented the decay of this structure over an eighteen year period, it has become like an animate ancestor teaching me about hope and memory, and the transitions in the cycle of all of our lives.  


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