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Landscapes of the Spirit

Manchester Community College, Manchester, CT

Life is a series of revelations inspired by what we see, who we encounter and how we choose to experience the time and place of our lives.  As we seem to speed down the road of life we are not often fully aware or acknowledge the moments that create the fabric of our lives.  What do we remember as the inspirations of the turning points in our lives? Are these moments created in silence or chaos?  The silent moment may be watching a sunset over the water, seeing the sun consumed by the water which seems to melt the fire into reflective shimmers of mercury or really seeing someone else through their eyes.  The chaos may be an uncontrollable rip tide in the ocean waves or our emotions at the quiet loss of a loved one. 

The roadway of life is never consistent.  We have moments of difficulty and ease, elation and sorrow.  All the experiences and the emotions that result are the building blocks of our lives. We seem to need reminding of the importance of offering ourselves moments of reflection on this path.  Through these moments we may experience the beauty of our relation to the natural world, our opportunities for contribution and our part in the cycle and dance of time.

  The work illustrates stories of the journey th rough life as we might imagine seeing a landscape real or imagined speeding past our peripheral visions.  Are we just travelers moving too fast to experience the beauty of the distant storm across the vast landscape of an ancient sea bed in the west or the sparkle of the car lights reflected in wet windows in an urban traffic jam.  To really see we must open more of ourselves than just our eyes.

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2001 Joy Wulke