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The digital image of Return Dance of the Day flanked by column fragments containing drying plant material from Weir Farm is a memorial, a memory of Dance of the Day.  

Dance of the Day

Weir Farm Historical Trust, Wilton, CT

Weir Farm gave me the opportunity to work in a built and natural landscape steeped in history.  The gardens seem to talk, softly telling stories of the lives that created and tended them. The Weir studio was being renovated providing a unique look into the working life of J. Alden Weir.  The stacks of drawings and paintings, some not seen for decades, were hidden under protective canvases; the spirit of the maker hovered around the ghostlike figures of the covered studio objects.  The gardens gave an ideal backdrop to a sundial of glass columns, a gnomon appearing as a figure reaching for the light and each hour marker is like a gnome.  Each hour marker corresponds in weight to its hour.  The columns support a lattice with plant material weaving through it telling the time through seasonal growth.


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2001 Joy Wulke