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The Forest for the Trees

Grounds for Sculpture, Hamilton, NJ

The work is illustration…I tell stories about time and our natural and human environment using familiar images and materials in unfamiliar juxtapositions creating illusion of concepts we think we know.  The present, that fleeting moment between memory and anticipation and the relation of all three to what we perceive to be reality feeds the concepts for the stories.

 Glass, bones, cast body parts are pieces of the whole.  They are artifacts/relics of lives once lived and/or ingredients for animistic objects yet to come. 

The use of glass speaks to the duality of our lives, relations of thoughts to actions.  Glass is an architectural building material with both properties of strength and vulnerability, protecting and revealing simultaneously. The reflection and transparency  create play with light giving the work an animism that invites the viewer to explore the dualities expressed by glass of beauty/danger, security/vulnerability, voyeurism/participation.  With layering of the materials, images, and forms, the work tells stories of relations of generations of human and natural worlds and our dependence on and struggle with each other throughout time.


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© 2001 Joy Wulke