Joy Wulke
Wild Blue Yonder - CT Aero Tech School
Brainard Airport
Hartford, CT 06405
April 2009
Wild Blue Yonder is an extension of the building and reveals the working within through its forms representing the elegant geometry of early 20th century flying machines. Here the Wright Brothers 1904 Flyer 2 is reinterpreted in polished stainless steel and detailed with dichroic glass, contemporary materials. Two propellers are activated by a solar array with a third smaller activated by the wind making visible the relationship of our inventions to the forces of nature.

Wilber and Orville Wright were as are the students of the CT Aviation Tech School, mechanics at work, learning and advancing aviation through their ingenuity, It is in technology as in nature, growth by accretion or accumulative increase, in which the old form is contained within the new.
© 2009 Joy Wulke