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Bridge of Breath an Aerial Sculpture        
Jewish Community Center of San Francisco, California

Bridge of Breath connects the major features in the three-story atrium of the Jewish Community Center in San Francisco, California.  The word wall, containing key words defining the Jewish values and the donor wall are bridged by the aerial sculpture of suspended polished stainless steel arches with dichroic glass insets.  These overlapping arches are a visualization of the connection of the current and future Community to the long-standing values that inspire its work, play, learning, and action. The work invites your eye to look up and explore the volume of the architecture, through the skylights into the sky while not blocking views from all floors into and across the atrium space.

The work appears as the language of “breath”, Ruach. The two arches, one originating at the Donor Wall, the other at the Word Wall are grids of polished stainless steel, glinting in the sun, with dichroic glass panels installed within the grid work for a dynamic ever changing sparkle of color. The work glints in the existing sunlight, changing character as the sun moves across the sky and the viewer moves through the space.  The translucent canopy of Bridge of Breath implies motion, movement of wind, past, present, light, and thought.


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© 2001 Joy Wulke