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Architectural Installation with Charles Moore FAIA & Robbin Hayne AIA

Brillstein Residence, Malibu, CA

The magnificent site of the Brillstein residence on the Malibu beach inspired flowing wave patterns created in glass, itself a super cool liquid. A 24’ high wall of glass surrounds a courtyard and makes the transition from entry to the grand room over looking the Pacific Ocean. The undulating wave pattern created by an art installation of shattered glass in the insulated window panels call attention to the coming view of the Ocean. It is as thought the waves are extending their greeting. The art windows cast an ever changing shadow pattern on the entry hall wall during the course of the day.  The shadow painting is framed by sconces installed as a wave of light. The glass wall opens onto a courtyard lane pool. A bench of marble is supported by illuminated glass columns rising out of a glass floor and backed by a glass art window. The work appears as a “Frozen Fountain”. During the day the work dances with the sunlight responding in form to the action of the Pacific just beyond and in the evening glows as though from mysterious sources of light under and behind surfaces.


Entry Lantern

The entry lantern welcomes all to the home.  A large glowing object (5’ x 5’ x 5’) created from a combination of materials that are repeated throughout the house. 



The Adecula or tent for gathering is often found in the work of Charles Moore who valued dialogue between people and spaces.  The Adecula is the focus of the grand room offering a glowing haven for conversation, with the magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop.

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